Our Work

We are delighted to give you a no-obligation free estimate for:

Hedge cutting (We are very careful about hedge cutting between Feb and May as it is illegal to disturb nesting birds, and many rear breeds like to use hedges during this time.)

Crown Reduction A general thinning of the main crown of the tree.

Crown Lifting Removing one or more of the lower branches to allow more light into the property or to remove and obstruction.

Topping Taking off the top of a hedge or tree to reduce the height.

Pollarding Removing all the branches down to a desired height allowing for future fresh growth to sprout from the top of the main trunk of the tree.

Sectional Dismantling If a tree is diseased or dying or is presenting a risk to life or property, then it may be necessary to take down the entire tree.

Felling Taking a tree down from the base, if space and conditions are appropriate.