The TREE SAFE™ Program

Many institutions and businesses are not aware that here is statutory obligation upon them to manage the tree stock on their properties. This places responsibility on all businesses to ensure that their trees are maintained and are non-hazardous to the general public, residents or road traffic and these responsibilities are described in a government publication. See ref. 1.

Failure to ensure the safety of tree on your property could leave you exposed to litigation and legal action in the event of any accidents or damage resulting from trees or branches falling.

As you remember last winter demonstrated the massive implications of trees falling and causing loss of life and property damage. Whilst not all of these events can be predicted there are obvious signs of impending hazards from trees. We are qualified to carry out level 2 Tree Safety Inspections and reports and gave impartial tree work recommendations and advice. See ref. 1 for the details of a level 2 inspection.
Sussex Tree Care we would be happy to ensure compliance with the legal obligation by providing a cost effective tree care service which would entail:-

  1. A FREE assessment of the state of the trees on the property highlighting any possible future problems with photographic evidence and recommendations for you to include in your risk assessment documentation.
  2. This assessment is included every 6 months in return for a preferred contractor arrangement, meaning that any work that may need carrying out is completed by us subject to your agreement with pricing and ongoing satisfaction with the standard of our service.
  3. Reporting a full breakdown and evidence of all work carried out. Responding in a timely manner to undertake remedial work in the case of storm damage or disease etc.
Ref. 1. Common Sense Risk Management of Trees 2011. FCMS024 National Tree Safety Group  link to the pdf here