The warm glow of a real fire

We are happy to recommend with whom we share facilities to store our wood. If you are local to Brighton we can supply firewood by the bag at a competitive rate.

Some firewood advice

All wood should be seasoned, even Ash which can be burned green (fresh wood) but is best when seasoned for at least 6 months if not more.

Coniferous wood should never be burned green as it contains too much resin. When the wood is burnt green it gets condensed on the inside of the chimney increasing the risk of blockages and chimney fires. When coniferous wood is well seasoned it makes good firewood. The Scandinavians have been using it for thousands of years.

Seasoning wood helps not only to dry out the wood but it helps with the breakdown of the resinous sap which is in all wood and contains sticky sugars which condense on the inside of the chimney.

Wood used for building is often treated with wood preservation chemicals which are not healthy to breath in when burnt inside. Never burn fence wood preserved with a green preserver. It is toxic when burnt.